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QUIZ: Can you name the last word of these movies (TA-TZ)?

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¡Three ___!Steve Martin (1986)
Time ___Sean Connery (1981)
Tin ___Kevin Costner (1996)
Taxi ___Robert De Niro (1976)
Touch of ___Orson Welles (1958)
Tooth ___Dwayne Johnson (2010)
Top ___Tom Cruise (1986)
Top ___Fred Astaire (1935)
Treasure ___Robert Newton (1950)
Tom ___Albert Finney (1963)
Three ___George Clooney (1999)
True ___Arnold Schwarzenegger (1994)
Tender ___Robert Duvall (1983)
They Drive by ___ Humphrey Bogart (1938)
Tell No ___Guillaume Canet (2006)
Trading ___Eddie Murphy (1983)
The True Story of Ah ___Yan Shunkai (1981)
Total ___Arnold Schwarzenegger (1990)
Toy ___Tom Hanks (1995)
Tropic ___Ben Stiller (2008)
Thieves Like ___Shelley Duvall (1974)
Terminal ___Charlie Sheen (1994)
Teen ___Michael J. Fox (1985)
No X answerNo X answer
'Til There Was ___Jeanne Tripplehorn (1997)
Teenage ___Katherine Victor (1959)

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