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QUIZ: Can you name the last word of these movies (SA-SZ)?

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Sister ___Whoopi Goldberg (1992)
Sunset ___Gloria Swanson (1950)
Sophie's ___Meryl Streep (1982)
Straw ___Dustin Hoffman (1971)
Shanghai ___Marlene Dietrich (1932)
Shadows and ___Woody Allen (1992)
Spy ___Robert Redford (2001)
Sherlock ___Jude Law (2009)
Shutter ___Leonardo DiCaprio (2010)
Seeking ___Nicolas Cage (2011)
Spy ___Antonio Banderas (2001)
Schindler's ___Liam Neeson (1993)
Slumdog ___Freida Pinto (2008)
Star Trek: ___Patrick Stewart (2002)
She's the ___Jennifer Aniston (1996)
Snakes on a ___Samuel L. Jackson (2006)
Susie ___Amy Jo Johnson (1996)*
(The) Shawshank ___Tim Robbins (1994)
Seven ___Toshiro Mifune (1954)
Starship ___Denise Richards (1997)
Spies Like ___Chevy Chase (1995)
Swing ___Kevin Costner (2008)
Star ___Carrie Fisher (1977)
Sergeant ___Ivan Mozzhukhin (1932)
Someone Like ___Hugh Jackman (2001)
Speed ___John Candy (1989)

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