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Raising ___Nicolas Cage (1987)
Raging ___Robert De Niro (1980)
Rebel Without a ___James Dean (1955)
Reservoir ___Tim Roth (1992)
Resident ___Milla Jovovich (2002)
Rabbit-Proof ___Kenneth Branagh (2002)
Rio ___John Wayne (1950)
Rush ___Jackie Chan (1998)
Richard ___Ian McKellen (1995)
Romeo + ___Leonardo DiCaprio (1996)
Righteous ___Al Pacino (2008)
Red ___Sigourney Weaver (2012)
Rain ___Dustin Hoffman (1988)
Revenge of the ___Robert Carradine (1984)
Return to ___Fairuza Balk (1985)
Red ___Val Kilmer (2000)
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Ri¢hie ___Macaulay Culkin (1994)
Romancing the ___Kathleen Turner (1984)
(The) Royal ___Gwyneth Paltrow (2001)
(The) Rescuers Down ___Bob Newhart (1990)
(A) Room With a ___Daniel Day‑Lewis (1985)
Rear ___James Stewart (1954)
Rated ___Charlie Sheen (2000)*
Rookie of the ___Gary Busey (1993)
Road to ___Bob Hope (1941)

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