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Police ___Steve Guttenberg (1984)
Point ___Keanu Reeves (1991)
Primary ___John Travolta (1998)
(The) Princess ___Anne Hathaway (2001)
Public ___Johnny Depp (2009)
Pulp ___Uma Thurman (1994)
Patriot ___Harrison Ford (1992)
Pearl ___Josh Hartnett (2001)
Poison ___Drew Barrymore (1992)
Poolhall ___Christopher Walken (2002)
People I ___Al Pacino (2002)
Pan's ___Ivana Baquero (2006)
Paper ___Tatum O'Neal (1973)
Prozac ___Christina Ricci (2001)
(The) Parole ___Steve Coogan (2001)
Pitch ___Anna Kendrick (2012)
Prom ___ ...Aaron Ashmore (2004)*
Panic ___Jodie Foster (2002)
Pet ___ Dale Midkiff (1989)
Planet ___Rose McGowan (2007)
Pardon ___Laurel and Hardy (1931)
Pump Up the ___Christian Slater (1990)
Pretty ___Julia Roberts (1990)
Project ___Matthew Broderick (1987)
(The) Pride of the ___Gary Cooper (1942)
Panic in the Year ___Ray Milland (1962)

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