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Can you name the last word of these movies (OA-OZ)?

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Out of ___Meryl Streep (1985)
Once ___Lauren Hutton (1985)
(The) Odd ___Jack Lemmon (1968)
One Fine ___Michelle Pfeiffer (1996)
Ocean's ___George Clooney (2001)
(The) Odessa ___Jon Voight (1974)
Oh, ___!George Burns (1977)
Over the ___Bruce Willis (2006)
One Little ___James Garner (1973)
One-Eyed ___Marlon Brando (1961)
(The) Oklahoma ___James Cagney (1939)
Oscar and ___Cate Blanchett (1997)
(The) Omega ___Charlton Heston (1971)
Opening ___Gena Rowlands (1977)
Odd Man ___James Mason (1947)
Ordinary ___Donald Sutherland (1980)
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Open ___Kevin Costner (2003)
Office ___Jennifer Aniston (1999)
Oliver ___George C. Scott (1982)
One Direction: This Is ___Simon Cowell (2013)
One Touch of ___Ava Gardner (1948)
On the ___Marlon Brando (1954)
No X answerNo X answer
Only ___Robert Downey Jr. (1994)
Oasis of the ___Manuel GĂ©lin (1981)

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