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QUIZ: Can you name the last word of these movies (NA-NZ)?

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No Strings ___Natalie Portman (2011)
(The) Newton ___Matthew McConaughey (1998)
Nothing in ___Tom Hanks (1986)
Napoleon ___Jon Heder (2004)
New Year's ___Ashton Kutcher (2011)
Nobody's ___Paul Newman (1994)
(The) Ninth ___Johnny Depp (1999)
Notting ___Julia Roberts (1999)
Nim's ___Jodie Foster (2008)
(The) Naked ___Charlton Heston (1954)
Ned ___Mick Jagger (1970)
Nacho ___Jack Black (2006)
Nanny ___Emma Thompson (2005)
North by ___Cary Grant (1959)
No Way ___Kevin Costner (1987)
(The) Nutty Eddie Murphy (1996)
Nine ___Ricardo DarĂ­n (2000)
(The) Name of the ___Sean Connery (1986)
NeverEnding ___Noah Hathaway (1994)
National ___Nicolas Cage (2004)
No U answerNo U answer
National ___Elizabeth Taylor (1944)
Norwegian ___Kiko Mizuhara (2010)
No X answerNo X answer
New York New ___Robert De Niro (1977)
No Z answerNo Z answer

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