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King ___Clive Owen (2004)
Kill ___ ...Uma Thurman (2003)*
Kindergarten ___Arnold Schwarzenegger (1990)
Knight and ___Cameron Diaz (2010)
Killer ___Robert De Niro (2011)
(The) Killing ___Sam Waterston (1984)
King Kong vs. ___Tadao Takashima (1962)
Kelly's ___Clint Eastwood (1970)
(The) King and ___Yul Brynner (1956)
Kangaroo ___Estella Warren (2003)
(The) Karate ___Ralph Macchio (1984)
Key ___Humphrey Bogart (1948)
(The) Kentucky Fried ___David Zucker (1977)
(A) Kiss on the Judiann Barnes (2004)**
Knock ___Rob Schneider (1998)
Kung Fu ___Jack Black (2008)
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(The) Kite ___Khalid Abdalla (2007)
(The) King's ___Colin Firth (2010)
(A) Knight's ___Heath Ledger (2001)
Knocked ___Seth Rogen (2006)
(The) Kiss of the ___Edward de Souza (1963)
K-19: The ___Harrison Ford (2002)
Kain ___Erast Garin (1963)***
(A) King in New ___Charlie Chaplin (1957)
King of the ___Dick Purcell (1941)

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