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Can you name the last word of these movies (JA-JZ)?

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Joe's ___Jerry O'Connell (1996)
Jackie ___Pam Grier (1997)
Julius ___Marlon Brando (1953)
Judge ___Sylvester Stallone (1995)
Jagged ___Glenn Close (1985)
Jack ___Michael Keaton (1998)
Jersey ___Ben Affleck (2004)
Jonah ___Josh Brolin (2010)
Jamaica ___Charles Laughton (1939)
Julie and ___Meryl Streep (2009)
Judas ___Alan Rickman (1998)
Jacob's ___Tim Robbins (1990)
Jerry ___Tom Cruise (1996)
Jesus of ___Robert Powell (1977)
Johnny _'__Dick Powell (1947)
Jurassic ___ Sam Neill (1993)
John ___Denzel Washington (2002)
Jailhouse ___Elvis Presley (1957)
The Jazz ___Al Jolson(1927)
Just in ___Mark Moses (1997)
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Joe Versus the ___Tom Hanks (1990)
Jingle all the ___Arnold Schwarzenegger (1996)
Jason ___Kane Hodder (2001)
J.F.K.: Reckless ___Patrick Dempsey (1993)*
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