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Ice ___Ray Romano (2002)
Inglourious ___Christoph Waltz (2009)
Intolerable ___George Clooney (2003)
Independence ___Will Smith (1996)
Inland ___Jeremy Irons (2006)
(The) Ipcress ___ Michael Caine (1965)
Inspector ___Matthew Broderick (1999)
(The) Incredible ___Edward Norton (2008)
The I ___Ryan Phillippe (2003)
(The) Italian ___Mark Wahlberg (2003)
If I were a ___Basil Rathbone (1938)
(The) In-___Michael Douglas (2003)
Iron ___Robert Downey Jr. (2008)
In the ___Abbot and Costello (1941)
If ___Jennifer Love Hewitt (2004)
Indecent ___Demi Moore (1993)
I.___.Meg Ryan (1994)
I, ___Will Smith (2004)
Island in the ___John Wayne (1953)
(An) Inconvenient ___Al Gore (2006)
I Love a Man in ___Tom McCamus (1993)
Inherent ___Joaquin Phoenix (2014)
(The) Invisible ___Ralph Fiennes (2013)
Ivans ___Peter Weller (2000)
Illegally ___Rob Lowe (1988)
Ice Station ___Rock Hudson (1968)

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