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Can you name the last word of these movies (EA-EZ)?

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Evan ___Steve Carell (2007)
Erin ___Julia Roberts (2000)
(The) Emperor's ___Kevin Kline (2002)
(The) Evil ___Bruce Campbell (1981)
Eagle ___Shia LaBeouf (2008)
Eight Legged ___David Arquette (2002)
Ender's ___Asa Butterfield (2013)
Exorcist II: The ___Linda Blair (1977)
Everything Is ___Elijah Wood (2005)
Ernest Goes to ___Jim Varney (1990)
No K answerNo K answer
(The) Eagle Has ___Michael Caine (1976)
(The) Elephant ___John Hurt (1980)
Eye of the ___Donald Sutherland (1981)
Eight Men ___John Cusack (1988)
Eastern ___Naomi Watts (2007)
No Q answerNo Q answer
Easy ___Peter Fonda (1969)
Edward ___Johnny Depp (1990)
E.T.: (The) Extra-___Drew Barrymore (1982)
No U answerNo U answer
Escape to ___Pelé (1981)
Ed ___Johnny Depp (1994)
No X answerNo X answer
Escape from New ___Kurt Russell (1981)
eXisten___Jude Law (1999)

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