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QUIZ: Can you name the last word of these movies (LA-LZ)?

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Love ___Hugh Grant (2003)
Legally ___Reese Witherspoon (2001)
L.A. ___Kim Basinger (1997)
Love and ___Woody Allen (1975)
(The) Last ___John Lone (1987)
Legends of the ___Brad Pitt (1994)
Little ___Rick Moranis (1994)
Local ___Burt Lancaster (1983)
Losin' ___Tom Cruise (1983)
Lost ___Neve Campbell (2003)
(The) Lion ___Matthew Broderick (1994)
Liar ___Jim Carrey (1997)
(The) Little ___Jodi Benson (1989)
Little ___Adam Sandler (2000)
Lorenzo's ___Susan Sarandon (1992)
Life of ___Suraj Sharma (2012)
(A) Late ___Philip Seymour Hoffman (2010)
Logan's ___Jenny Agutter (1976)
Love ___Ali MacGraw (1970)
Lost in ___Scarlett Johansson (2003)
Lock ___Sylvester Stallone (1989)
(The) Lady ___Margaret Lockwood (1938)
Lethal ___Mel Gibson (1987)
*Land Before Time ___Kiefer Sutherland (2003)
Leap ___Amy Adams (2010)
(The) Legend of ___Antonio Banderas (2005)

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