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Can you name the seven letter words containing the consecutive letters 'ME'?

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M E _ _ _ _ _
Childhood disease 
Find the dimensions 
Mongoose-like animal 
Formally arranged gathering 
Largest city of Tennessee 
The smallest planet 
Half woman and half fish 
The awaited king of the Jews 
CH4 (Marsh gas) 
Pancho Villa's nationality 
_ M E _ _ _ _
Modified for the better 
Useful or pleasant facility 
The United States 
Precious green stone 
Ralph Waldo or Fittipaldi 
Gollum (Lord of the Rings) 
Daubed with grease or oil 
Perceived an aroma 
_ _ M E _ _ _
Former Soviet republic 
King Arthur's castle 
Greek goddess of the harvest 
Bone in the upper arm 
Plunge into water 
Spanish golfer Miguel Ángel 
Goddess of retribution 
I, V, X, L or C 
Egypt Kings (1315-1090 BC) 
........ my Prince will come 
_ _ _ M E _ _
Official language of Myanmar 
Mark Twain's real name 
Make a remark 
Periodic table member 
Article of clothing 
Sam Spade creator 
Monies received for goods 
Coloring matter or substance 
Division of (an orange) 
Of or relating to Thailand 
Extreme pain or anguish 
_ _ _ _ M E _
Between thorax and the pelvis 
The white of an egg 
Black, oily, viscous material 
TV series (Prue, Piper, Phoebe) 
Ringo Starr is one 
Food and drink connoisseur 
Drop downwards at speed 
Devious plans 
Sender of unwanted emails 
Pronounce with hesitation  
Without weapons 
_ _ _ _ _ M E
Hundredth part of a franc 
Take in as food 
An outfit or a disguise 
Final stages of a chess match 
Wind in the Willows author 
Something that results 
Enjoyable activity or hobby 
Chanel No. 5 
Smith or Jones etc 
Period of hostilities 
Greet a newcomer 

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