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He burnt some cakesA
William III nicknameB
World's longest venomous snakeC
Second King of IsraelD
Name of eight English kingsE
Brightly coloured fish-eating birdF
Safety razor pioneerG
Jordanian king 1952–99H
Only king of Libya 1951-69I
1611 bible translationJ
Skull Island inhabitant K
Greek hero-king at ThermopylaeL
He turned his daughter into goldM
Roman god of water and the seaN
Shakespearean king of the fairiesO
Antarctican birdP
Large bed coverQ
The Lion HeartR
Monarch known for his wisdomS
Short-lived pharaohT
Father of king ArthurU
Large bird found in the AmericasV
Looked out on the Feast of StephenW
Achaemenid king 486 to 465 BCX
Jamaican reggae starY
Albanian king 1928 to 1939Z

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