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Can you name the 'mis' words from A-Z?

Featured Jul 8, 2013

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ClueMis Word
Person who dislikes humankind (11)Misa
Act in an inappropriate way (9)Misb
Sporcle category; various and sundry (13)Misc
Minor wrongdoing below a felony (11)Misd
A state of great unhappiness; Bates movie (6)Mise
Bad luck or a series of bad events (10)Misf
Feeling of doubt or suspicion (9)Misg
A hodgepodge or jumble (8)Mish
To understand or evaluate wrongly (12)Misi
Form a wrong opinion about (8)Misj
Native tribe of Honduras & Nicaragua (7)Misk
Give someone the wrong idea (7)Misl
Run a company in a poor manner (9)Mism
ClueMis Word
Koala 'bear' or 'English' horn, e.g. (8)Misn
Hatred of women (8)Miso
Put something where you cannot find it (8)Misp
'Speak softly and carry a large stick.' - TR (8)Misq
Give a false impression to deceive (12)Misr
A projectile weapon (7)Miss
Christmas plant (9)Mist
A quarrel or disagreement (16)Misu
Incorrectly estimate the worth of (8)Misv
Transcribe incorrectly or carelessly (8)Misw
Incorrectly attach oxen to plow (7)Misy
Divide up into improper regions (7)Misz

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