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Can you name the words in these six separate four-letter word ladders that reveal minor ailments?

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Going Bald
Strands growing from the skin 
Not using an unjust advantage 
Be unsuccessful in 
Type of fencing weapon 
Person who acts unwisely 
Body part, below the ankle joint 
Eccentric person or aquatic bird 
Amount that has to be paid 
Unable to find one's way 
Feeling of grief, due to bereavement 
Itchy & Scatchy
Uppermost part of the body 
Keep or move (livestock) 
Solid or firm in nature 
The Three of Clubs is one 
Thin, flexible string or rope 
Traditional wine bottle stopper 
Tilt (head) in a particular direction 
Security mechanism on a door 
Pass the tongue over (something) 
Tiny insects that feed on blood 
Fallen Arches
Having a level surface 
Thin strip used in a Venetian blind 
Make a long, narrow cut in 
Move swiftly and lightly (like a bird) 
Soft fur of some animals (e.g. hare) 
Show off ones muscles 
Run away from danger 
Without need of payment 
Ridges on a guitar's fingerboard 
Body parts, below the ankle joints 
Mouth Blisters
Lacking affection or warmth 
Support with one's arms or hands 
Covering for the head and neck 
Dense growth of trees 
An element of speech or writing 
Carried (clothing) on the body 
Minute opening in the skin 
Not contaminated in any way 
Completely confident in 
Painful to the touch 
Darn Pets
Tiny insect that feed on blood 
Ran away from danger 
Vehicle used on ice and snow 
Object produced by a plant 
Dispatch a letter 
Loose grains, often of quartz 
Of sound mind 
Cause of great distress or annoyance 
Reduce the force or intensity of 
Use the teeth to cut into (something) 
Make hot or hotter 
Listen and pay attention 
German courtesy title for a man 
His and ____ 
Deputy F├╝hrer to Adolf Hitler 
Noise made by a snake 
Speak disrespectfully of or criticize 
It ran away with the spoon 
Travel somewhere in a great hurry 
Acting with ill-considered haste 

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