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Can you find the five letter words with a Y in the middle? (No V or X)

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HintY Word
Bottomless gulf or pit
Marshy body of water (southern U.S)
Underground burial chamber
Appliance that removes moisture
African country
Advertising handbill or leaflet
Hieroglyphic character or symbol
Desperado actress
Extremely happy or picturesque period
Ulysses author
Canoe of a type used by the Inuit
Unwavering in devotion
HintY Word
Poet: The Highway
Commonly known as Asian rice
Mentally prepare (or intimidate) someone
_____ ul Layl (Islamic prayer)
Synthetic silklike fabric
Distinctive and stylish elegance
Culinary herb
Extinct Caucasian language (Turkish)
Gretzky or Rooney
Stringed toys that go up and down
Seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet

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