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Can you find the five letter words with an W in the middle? (No Q or X)

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HintW Word
Dam on the Nile forming Lake Nasser
Rebel Rebel singer
Show submission or fear
Use a rod to search for water
Starr or McCain
Less in number
Ballroom dresses
Ned Flanders saying: _____ Doodly
From Des Moines
Diamond, ruby or emerald
New Zealand national rugby league team
Clark's expedition partner
HintW Word
Machine that cuts the grass
Central pillar of a circular staircase
Female version of the Welsh name Olwyn
Physical strength
Species of tree
Large pipe that carries away waste
Absorbent material (or paper) for drying
To deprive of humor or acumen
A, E or U for example
Impressed greatly
Sleepy intakes of breath
Interjection used to express astonishment

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