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Can you find the five letter words with an S in the middle? (No Q or X)

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HintS Word
What a bride walks down
Culinary herb
Diego _____ or _____ Rica
Genre of dance music (or its venue)
English county
Questionable or creating suspicion
Vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment
Old Testament book
Norwegian playwright: Hedda Gabler
Leader of the Argonauts
U.S. singer, songwriter, and rapper
Hungarian composer (1811-1886)
HintS Word
Daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne
Curious or inquisitive
Fertile tract in a desert
Ski run densely packed with snow
Involving danger
Japanese dish of cold cooked rice
Boxer also known as Malik Abdul Aziz
Make (someone) unhappy
Roman goddess of the hearth
Use to no avail or profit; squander
Affirmative plural
Removes skin off a lemon

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