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Can you find the five letter words with a P in the middle? (No F or X)

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HintP Word
First letter of the Greek alphabet
Animal with two feet
Island in the Bay of Naples
One of the Seven Dwarfs
Not filled or occupied
1962 musical Natalie Wood movie
Large thick-skinned African mammal
Urge (a person) to action
Asian country
Russian monetary unit
Purplish-blue flowered plant
National symbol of Canada
HintP Word
UK term for a diaper
Daughter-in-law of Naomi (Bible)
English diarist (1633-1703)
19th letters of the Hebrew alphabet
Basic unit of money in India
Brown pigment obtained from cuttlefish
Gemstone often found in granitic rocks
Part of a shoe above the sole
Venomous snake
Device that cleans the windshield
Well-paid young middle-class professional
Youngest of the Marx Brothers

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