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Can you find the five letter words with an L in the middle?

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HintL wordA-Z
Bowling ball laneA
Swell or protrude outwardsB
Abdominal pain (especially in infants)C
Blowin' in the Wind singer-songwriterD
Brilliant display or effectE
Someone who has committed a crimeF
Deep ditch cut by running waterG
Christmas plantH
House built of blocks of snowI
Sweet flavoured syrupy drinkJ
Grace, Gene or MegynK
Informal terms for moneyL
European countryM
HintL wordA-Z
Synthetic fabricN
Fourth or lowest deckO
Bohemian danceP
Mythical Chinese creatureQ
Implement used for drawing linesR
Simultaneous discharge of artilleryS
Flower associated with the NetherlandsT
Without illuminationU
Gentleman's personal attendantV
2008 Pixar movieW
Woody part of plantsX
Historical seaport in the CrimeaY
Nothing at allZ

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