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Can you name the five letter religious answers from their middle letter?

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Middle LetterAnswerClue
APrayer said before or after a meal
BThe leader of a Jewish synagogue
CThe birthplace of Muhammad
DCeremonial meal held on the first day of Passover
EA statement of beliefs
FThe Magi brought three of these
GFollower of a polytheistic religion
HA Muslim holy war
IReligious trust or confidence
JHeadscarf worn by Muslim women
LThe second largest religion in the world
Middle LetterAnswerClue
MApostle (Son of Alphaeus)
NIn Roman Catholicism: official church meeting
OChurch singers (or the area they occupy)
POf or relating to the Roman Catholic Church
RThe first 5 books of the Old Testament
SHis life forms the basis for Christianity
TDonation of 10% of income to the church
UWhat Thomas did
VThe major personified spirit of evil
WStructure associated with Babel
YBurial chamber beneath a church

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