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QUIZ: Can you name the five letter words with an A in the middle? (A-Z)

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HintA wordA-Z
Kept one from the otherA
Alloy of copper and zincB
Extreme confusion and disorderC
Bashful or SleepyD
Praise, glorify, or honorE
Sinatra or ZappaF
African countryG
Uncultivated land or British PMH
U.S. stateI
Denim trousers J
Ode to a Nightingale poetK
South American cud-chewing animalL
Noise made by a catM
HintA wordA-Z
Tide typesN
Nebraskan city or D-day beachO
Length of sawn timberP
Noise made by a duckQ
Cook with dry heatR
Game of Thrones noble houseS
Huckleberry Finn creatorT
Russian mountain rangeU
Potion bottlesV
Intense angerW
Medical images of bones ...X
Leavening agent in breadY
Eager desires or endeavorsZ

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