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Can you name the cities ending in M ?

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Large UK city on the River Trent 
German Ruhr city or Toy Story piggy bank 
Europe and Spain’s biggest holiday resort  
Most easterly city in Europe or frizzy hairstyle 
Brandenburg city famous for 1945 Conference 
Where you would find the Anne Frank Museum 
North America
North Carolina city or UK ceremonial county 
Largest city in Alabama (2nd largest in England) 
Los Angeles suburb and Ducks home 
Port ______ (element #88) Northwest Territories 
Massachusetts city associated with witches 
Renamed New York in 1665 
Site of the shrine of Fatema Mæ'sume, Iran 
Called Halicarnassus in ancient times (Turkey) 
Israel and Palestine claim this city as their capital 
Church of the Nativity city 
South America
Pará's largest city (Portuguese for above answer) 
Brazilian and Portuguese city pronunced: sɐ̃tɐˈɾɐ̃j 
Second largest city of the Republic of Sudan  
Free State city (Afrikaans for welcome) 

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