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Can you name the missing words relating to these historic May dates?

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1st (1931)______ State Building opens
2nd (1997)Tony _____ becomes Britain's youngest prime minister in 185 years
3rd (1936)Joe DiMaggio makes his major league debut for the _______
4th (1932)Al Capone is jailed for ___ evasion
5th (1821)Napoleon Bonaparte dies on the island of Saint ______
6th (1937)German airship (dirigible) __________ bursts into flames
7th (1941)Glenn Miller and his Orchestra record ' ___________ Choo Choo'
8th (2008)The Olympic _____ reaches the summit of Mount Everes
9th (1974)Impeachment hearings begin against President _____
10th (1863)Stonewall _______ dies after being accidentally shot by his own troops
11th (1949)____ changes its name to Thailand
12th (1870)________ becomes a province of Canada
13th (1981)Pope John Paul II, is shot in St _____'_ Square in Rome
14th (1804)The _____ and Clark expedition sets out from St. Louis
15th (1990)Portrait of ______ Gachet by Van Gogh sells for US$ 82.5 million
16th (1770)Marie Antoinette marries the future King _____ XVI of France
17th (1875)The first Kentucky Derby is held at _________ Downs, Louisville
18th (1974)_____ becomes the world's sixth nuclear power
19th (1897)Oscar _____ is released from Reading Gaol
20th (1873)Levi Strauss receives patent for _____
21st (1927)Lindbergh lands in _____ (first non-stop trans-Atlantic flight)
22nd (1990)North and South _____ are unified after 150 years
23rd (1934)______ and Clyde are killed in a police shootout
24th (1844)Samuel Morse sends the first telegraph message: 'What hath ___ wrought?'
25th (1977)George Lucas' ‘Star ____’ opens
26th (1897)Vampire novel _______, by Bram Stoker, goes on sale
27th (1941)German battleship ________ is sunk in the Atlantic
28th (1588)The _______ Armada set sail
29th (1942)Bing Crosby records his version of '_____ Christmas'
30th (1431)____ of Arc is burned at the stake
31st (1859)Big ___ is heard for the first time

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