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Leather made from young bovine ...
Contact (someone) by phone
Large enclosed shopping area
Sheer fabric of cotton, silk, or rayon
The moon when fully illuminated
Dropped to the ground
Compressed matted animal fiber
Become liquid
Barley that is kiln-dried
Sodium chloride
Mud or clay deposited by a river
Animal fibers produced by silkworms
Affected by illness
Material used to make strong coarse bag
Be without or deficient in
Openwork fabric, patterned with holes
Fabric woven or knit with thin ribbons
Arrived at or reached
Feel concern for
Central part of something
Long, thin ropelike material
Element of speech or writing
Hard fibrous material made from trees
Soft, curly hair from sheep
Hammer or screwdriver for instance
Animated character
Municipality smaller than a city
Soft woolen feathery fabric
First light of day
Repair by sewing
Continuous strand of twisted threads
Inhaling deeply due to tiredness
Thin or sheer linen or cotton fabric
Community's principles and regulations
A young woman
Strike as if by whipping
Mixture of ground animal feeds
Knit, woven, or knotted fabric with holes
State of confusion and disorderliness
A young woman
Thin fog
Where money is coined
Plush and luxurious animal fur
Move quickly with a sudden turns
Useless or old trash
Month of the year
Woven very strong natural fibe
Unable to speak
Slight but appreciable amount
Deep soft mud in water or slush
Engage for service or work
Leather made from young bovine ...

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