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QUIZ: Can you name the missing words relating to these historic March dates?

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1st (1954)US hydrogen bomb test on the island of ______
2nd (1965)The '_____ of music' premiers
3rd (1992)Bosnia declares independence from __________
4th (1980)Robert ______ forms Zimbabwe's first black government
5th (1963) The ____- hoop is patented
6th (1969)Paul _________ marries Linda Eastman
7th (322bc)_________, the Greek philosopher, dies
8th (1618)Kepler discovers the third law of _________ motion
9th (1976)Wealth of _______ by Adam Smith is published
10th (1910)First film made in _________ ('Old California') released
11th (1302)_____ & Juliet's wedding day (according to Shakespeare)
12th (1918)______ becomes the new capital city of Russia
13th (1519)HernĂ¡n ______ lands in Mexico
14th (1964)Jack ____ found guilty of killing Lee Harvey Oswald
15th (1938)___ is discovered in Saudi Arabia
16th (1850)'The _______ letter,' by Nathaniel Hawthorne is published
17th (1756)St. _______'_day celebrated in New York
18th (1881)______ and Bailey's 'Greatest Show on Earth' opens
19th (1953)The _______ awards airs on US television
20th (1995)Sarin gas attack on _____ subway
21st (1963)________ maximum security prison closes
22nd (1945)Arab ______ formed by seven middle east countries
23rd (1998)The movie '_______' wins 11 Oscars
24th (1989)Exxon ______ oil spill occurs
25th (1306)Robert the _____ crowned King of the Scots
26th (1937)Spinach growers in Texas erect a statue of ______
27th (1625)Charles I becomes King of England, _______ and Scotland
28th (1979)Radiation leak occurs at the _____ Mile Island nuclear plant
29th (1967)France launched its first nuclear _________
30th (1867)______ purchased from Russia for 7.2 million dollars
31st (1889)______ Tower in Paris is officially opened

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