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Can you name the most commonly used four letter words in the word ladder?

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Most common 4 letter word #45
38th US President
Having a liking towards
Coil around
Fermented grapes
Decline or diminish
Beckon with the hand
Lift or elevate
Where you live
Tender to the touch
Tedious person
Brought into existence
Switzerland's capital city
Think or suppose
Sharpen on a stone
Three, at cards
Woody plant
Poetically form of 'thyself'
To pour
Golf ball pegs
Fastens with string
Pastry dishes
Coal mines
**** and kin
Flying toy with string
A position or location
Not narrow
Trick or stratagem
Upright partition
Head covering
First king of the Israelites
Ship's canvass
Fine grains of rock
Uttered tuneful words or sounds
Musical composition with words
Auld **** Syne
Long, thin and limp
Be in need of
Close with a key
Plunder or booty
Unable to be found
Kate **** (model)
Swabs the floor
Be dull and spiritless
Dressed oneself in
Cover with wax
Heart or inner part
Large and scholarly book
Green citrus fruit
Body of water
Lion's neck hair

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