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Can you name the next five words to these Madonna lyrics?

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The lineNext 5 wordsThe song (with answer initials)
Come on boy4 Minutes (IBWFS)
I've got the movesCausing a Commotion (BYGTM)
Swaying on as the music starts, strangers makingCrazy for You (TMOTD)
I'm gonna wake up, yes and noDie Another Day (IGKSP)
Come on girlsExpress Yourself (DYBIL?)
You only see whatFrozen (YEWTS)
I want to kiss you in Paris, I want toJustify My Love (HYHIR)
Tropical the island breeze allLa Isla Bonita (ONWAF)
Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone, I Like a Prayer (HYCMN)
I made it through the wilderness Like a Virgin (SIMIT)
I have a tale to tell, sometimes it gets soLive to Tell (HTHIW)
Some boys kiss me, some boys hugMaterial Girl (MITTO)
Hey, Mr DJ put a record on IMusic (WDWMB)
I see you on the streetOpen Your Heart (AYWOB)
Papa I know you're going to be upset 'Cause I Papa Don't Preach (WAYLG)
Zephyr in the sky at night I wonderRay of Light (DMTOM)
Take a bow, the night is overTake a Bow (TMIGO)
I've had other guys I've looked into their eyes, butTrue Blue (INKLB)
Strike a pose, strike a poseVogue (VVVVV)
Who's that girl, who's that girl, when you Who's That Girl (SHSAP)

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