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Element: Pb 
Element: Li 
Element: La 
Element: Lr 
Element: Lu 
Body Parts
Limb used for locomotion 
Breathing organ found in chest 
Largest solid organ in the body 
Fibrous tissue that connects bones 
Organ that contains vocal cords 
Mixed Bag
SI unit (L) for measuring volume 
Longitude's partner 
Shortest distance between points 
Paper used to test acidity 
Greek Letter 
The Sky
Brightness of a celestial body 
Constellation of the zodiac 
Relating to the moon 
Constellation of the zodiac 
_____ Year: astronomical distance 
Gottfried: integral calculus 
Pierre-Simon: planetary motion 
Joseph: antiseptic surgery 
Hedy: torpedo guidance 
Antoine: named hydrogen, oxygen 
Mammal: subfamily Pantherinae 
Crustacean: infraorder Astacidea 
Camelid: family Camelidae 
Mammal: subfamily Panthera leo 
Rodent: subfamily Arvicolinae 

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