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Can you name the words containing the letters SIN?

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One who murders by surprise attackA
A company, enterprise or firmB
A public room or building for gambling C
An agent that destroys disease-carrying microorganismsD
An awkward: hard to deal with situationE
Joan Baez or Bob Dylan for instance F
Avatar is the highest ________ film of all timeG
Expressing sibilant disapprovalH
Not honest in the expression of actual feelingI
Caressing with the lipsK
A luxurious automobile usually driven by a chauffeurL
Soft leather shoe originally worn by native Americans M
Offensive inquisitivenessN
In conflict with (or facing)O
A digestive enzyme found in gastric juiceP
A feeling of nauseaQ
A sweet dried grapeR
Inflammation of the nasal passagesS
Alarm bell or signalT
Like, or characteristic of a bearU
Leaving in a hurried mannerV
A bowl used for washing one's hands and faceW

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