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La Vita รจ _____: Life is BeautifulB
Glass Slipper fairy taleC
Perry Mason's fictional secretaryD
Fitzgerald or BakerE
Small fleet of ships or boatsF
Powerfully built great apeG
Call attention to somethingH
She financed Columbus's 1492 voyage I
Italian cheese made from buffalo milkM
Italian hazelnut chocolate spreadN
Ceramic jar used for cooking stewsO
Spanish rice dishP
Tortilla filled with a savoury mixtureQ
Medical term for German measlesR
Food poisoning associated with raw chickenS
Lively folk dance of southern ItalyT
Device used as protection against rainU
Popular ice cream flavorV
German form of Old Norse 'hall of the slain'W
Carnivorous mammal resembling a skunkZ

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