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Can you name the colors in these literary titles?

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The ___ SpyglassPhilip Pullman
The ___ DahliaJames Ellroy
The ___ OrchardAnton Chekhov
___ WineRay Bradbury
The ___ ForestRobert Holdstock
Where the Red ___ GrowsWilson Rawls
___ Eggs and Ham Dr. Seuss
___ (Grail Quest series)Bernard Cornwell
___'s Star Hilary McKay
The Girl with the ___ Green Eyes John Boyd
The ___ MafiaRobin Moore
Under the ___s Louisa May Alcott
A Red Herring Without ___Alan Bradley
Piper Reed, ___ BratKimberly Willis Holt
A Clockwork ___Anthony Burgess
The Color ___Alice Walker
Rose ___ (Sacred Stone series)Stefanie Olar
The ___ PonyJohn Steinbeck
The ___ LetterNathaniel Hawthorne
The ___ LamentJohn D. MacDonald
___: A NovelMalcolm Lowry
The ___ HourKatherine Hill
The Woman in ___ Wilkie Collins
The ___ MaizeP. G. Dunn
Crome ___Aldous Huxley
Wilbur the ___-Eating DragonJustine St John

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