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Can you name the next five words to these lyrics?

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The lineNext 5 wordsMusical (with answer initials)
A total wreck a flop but if baby I'm Anything Goes (TBYTT)
My heart's a drummer nobody no nobody is Funny Girl (GROMP)
Leaning on a lamppost at the corner of the street in case aMe And My Girl (CLLCB)
Nothing more to say Mamma Mia (NMATP)
I'm gonna rouge my kneesChicago (ARMSD)
To the power of the music that I write the power ofPhantom of the Opera (TMOTN)
Consider yourself at home considerOliver (YOOTF)
I love Paris in the spring time ICan Can (LPITF)
And can you feel the love tonight?Lion King (IIWWA)
When you know the notes to singSound Of Music (YCSMA)
Chim chim cher-ee a sweep is asMary Poppins (LALCB)
Wish me luck the same to you but I can't regretA Chorus Line (WIDFL)
And in my twisted faceBeauty and the Beast (TNTST)
You got mud on yo' face you big disgrace kickin' your We Will Rock You (CAOTP)
I talk to the trees butPaint Your Wagon (TDLTM)
Seventy-sixThe Music Man (TLTBP)
Once I had a secret love that lived Calamity Jane (WTHOM)
Money makes the world go around itCabaret (MTWGR)
Thank heaven for little girls for littleGigi (GGBED)
Go greased lightning you're burning up the quarter mileGrease (GLGGL)

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