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Can you name the things that begin and end with 'L'?

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One Word
To act lazily or indolently 
Identifying marker that is attached to an object 
Czechoslovakian born US tennis player 
Hardy's partner or evergreen shrub 
Horizontal support over a door or window 
Richie or Hutz 
Marked by generosity or openhandedness 
Of or relating to tears 
Hometown of the Beatles 
Relating to procurement, distribution & replacement 
Two Words
Pigwidgeon was this type of bird 
Citrus rind 
Writing implement that uses graphite 
Yellowish liquid extracted from flax seeds 
Iconic symbol of American independence 
US comedienne married to Desi Arnaz 
'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves' author 
Where you might learn Spanish or Latin 
'Summer in the City' band 
Siberian lake: the worlds oldest and deepest 

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