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Can you name the missing words from these Leonardo da Vinci works?

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The _________ of the MagiA
The _______ of ChristB
The Virgin and _____ with St. AnneC
______ For Making SequinsD
Allegory with Wolf and _____E
Drawing of a ______ MachineF
Drawing of a _____ CrossbowG
____ of a WomanH
________ d'EsteI
St. ____ the BaptistJ
Study for a ________ LedaK
The ____ SupperL
____ Lisa (La Gioconda)M
Muscles of the ____ and ShouldersN
Deluge ____ a CityO
Self ________P
Virgin of the _____R
Studies of Human _____S
____ Plan Of ImolaT
_________ Man ...V
St. Jerome in the __________W
_____ Lady With a FurY

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