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Can you name the missing words from these movies?

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Sally Field
___ Gump 
Mrs. ___ 
___ and the Bandit 
Forest Whitaker
___ Panther 
The Last King of ___ 
The Crying ___ 
Rock Hudson
Pillow ___ 
A Farewell to ___ 
Ice ___ Zebra 
Harrison Ford
Return of the ___ 
Blade ___ 
Apocalypse ___ 
Veronica Lake
This ___ for Hire 
Dead Men Don't Wear ___ 
The ___ Dahlia 
Woody Allen
Annie ___ 
Hannah and Her ___ 
___ Aphrodite 
Jonah Hill
21 ___ Street 
Forgetting Sarah ___ 
Get Him to the ___ 
Eartha Kitt
The Emperor's New ___ 
Harriet the ___ 
___ Tom's Cabin 
Cliff Robertson
___ from L.A 
Three Days of the ___ 
Glen Campbell
___ Grit 
Any ___ Way You Can 
Uphill All the ___ 
Sharon Stone
___ Instinct 
The ___ and the Dead 
Total ___ 
River Phoenix
My Own ___ Idaho 
Stand by ___ 
The Mosquito ___ 

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