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Can you name the last word from these movies?

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Jonathan Demme
The Silence of the ___ 
The Manchurian ___ 
Married to the ___ 
Sam Mendes
American ___ 
Road to ___ 
Away We __ 
Sergio Leone
A Fistful of ___ 
The Colossus of ___ 
Once Upon a Time in ___ 
Brian De Palma
Mission: ___ 
Dressed to ___ 
The Bonfire of the ___ 
John Huston
The Asphalt ___ 
The Night of the ___ 
The Maltese ___ 
Edgar Wright
Shaun of the ___ 
Scott Pilgrim vs. the ___ 
Baby ___ 
Howard Hawks
Gentlemen Prefer ___ 
Rio ___ 
The Big ___ 
Fritz Lang
Cloak and ___ 
You Only Live ___ 
The Big ___ 
Sidney Lumet
12 Angry ___ 
Dog Day ___ 
Murder on the Orient ___ 
Paul Thomas Anderson
There Will Be ___ 
Boogie ___ 
Punch-Drunk ___ 
Hayao Miyazaki
Howl's Moving ___ 
Spirited ___ 
Kiki's Delivery ___ 
Alan Parker
Bugsy ___ 
Angela's ___ 
Angel ___ 

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