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Can you name the missing final word from these movie directors?

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Billy Wilder
The Seven Year ___ 
The Lost ___ 
Irma la ___ 
Steven Spielberg
Minority ___ 
War ___ 
The Color ___ 
Ridley Scott
Blade ___ 
Thelma & ___ 
American ___ 
John Ford
She Wore a Yellow ___ 
The Grapes of ___ 
How Green Was My ___ 
Clint Eastwood
American ___ 
Gran ___ 
High Plains ___ 
David Lean
A Passage to ___ 
Brief ___ 
Lawrence of ___ 
Frank Capra
It's a Wonderful ___ 
Mr. Smith Goes to ___ 
Meet John ___ 
Tim Burton
Edward ___ 
The Corpse ___ 
Sleepy ___ 
Roman Polanski
Rosemary's ___ 
Death and the ___ 
Sofia Coppola
Lost in ___ 
Marie ___ 
The Bling ___ 
Oliver Stone
Any Given ___ 
Natural Born ___ 
Wall ___ 
Charlie Chaplin
The Great ___ 
City ___ 
Modern ___ 

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