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QUIZ: Can you name the missing final word from these albums?

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News of the ___ 
A Night at the ___ 
A Kind of ___ 
Simon and Garfunkel
Bridge Over Troubled ___ 
Sounds of ___ 
The Concert in Central ___ 
Tina Turner
Simply the ___ 
Private ___ 
Break Every ___ 
Achtung ___ 
The Joshua ___ 
Rattle and ___ 
Lionel Richie
Can't Slow ___ 
Dancing on the ___ 
Back to ___ 
Frank Sinatra
In the Wee Small ___ 
My ___ 
Strangers in the ___ 
Talking Heads
Remain in ___ 
Stop Making ___ 
Speaking in ___ 
Carrie Underwood
Some ___ 
Carnival ___ 
Play ___ 
OK ___ 
Kid ___ 
Hail to the ___ 
Britney Spears
... Baby One More ___ 
In the ___ 
Femme ___ 
Shania Twain
Come On ___ 
The Will of a ___ 
The Woman in ___ 
Here I ___ 
Raymond v. ___ 
Looking 4 ___ 

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