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Sporting ___ City MLS team 
Los Angeles NHL team 
New York NBA team 
___ Chiefs Soweto soccer team 
Scottish Premiership team 
Ryukyuan martial art 
Water sport akin to canoeing 
Baseball type game played with feet 
Mixed-team basketball type game 
Japanese form of bamboo fencing 
Birthplace of Chris Froome 
Birthplace of Xherdan Shaqiri 
Birthplace of David Katoatau 
Birthplace of Bader Al-Mutawa 
Birthplace of Kid Diamond 
Legends (Male)
Jean-Claude ___ (Skiing) 
Jason ___ (Basketball) 
Kasey ___ (Soccer) 
Matt ___ (Golf) 
Wladimir ___ (Boxing) 
Legends (Female)
Jackie Joyner- ___ (Track) 
Fanny Blankers-___ (Track) 
Nancy ___ (Figure Skating) 
Olga ___ (Gymnastics) 
Angelique ___ (Tennis) 
Mixed Bag
TKO - Technical ___ 
Chess piece with a horse's head 
Start of a soccer match 
Alternative name for a goalie 
Clothing used for playing a sport 

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