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World's most widely spoken langauge
Last imperial dynasty of China
Homeland actor _____ Patinkin
American modernist artist (1890-1976)**
Borough of New York City
Capital city of Bahrain
Ray (fish) of the family Mobulidae
French impressionists painter (1832-1883)
Fawlty Towers waiter from Barcelona
'The Girl Can't Help It' actress Jayne
Adam Richman food reality show***
Stub tailed breed of cat
Legendary creature similar to a sphinx
Root often associated with magic rituals
Henry Cavill Superman movie***
Where Mancunians come from
Musical instrument in the lute family
Robert Vaughn, David McCallum TV show***
Robinson Crusoe's faithful friend**
South African President 1994 -1999
Second-largest city in Myanmar
Chemical element #25
Brian Hugh Warner: Marilyn ______
Filipino boxer Pacquiáo
Predatory carnivore (or woman)**
Capital city of the Philippines
Literary award for English language fiction***
Fleshy stoned fruit

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