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Can you name the missing words from these Batman quotes?

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You're a blot on the name of ______ City University
Stop fiddling with that atomic ____ and come down here!
I never touch spirits. Have you some ____?
Even crimefighters need their _____, Robin
Careful, Robin. Both _____ on the Bat-rope
To coin a ______, there's less here than meets the eye
An older head can't be put on younger _________
Quick! To the _________!
Planting a ________ in a local library is a felony
______ of strong stimulants, Robin
Even crime-fighters must ___
____ grammar is essential, Robin
Better put 5 cents in the _____
Hand down the _____-repellent Bat-spray
You owe your ____ to dental hygiene
She may be ____ , but she is attractive
The _______ and I have a score to settle
Better three hours too soon than a ______ too late
Remember Robin, always ____ both ways
People who stay in glass hotels shouldn't throw _______

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