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Can you name the alphabetical things ending in KA

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Largest U.S. state6
Short-range tubular rocket launcher7
Division of a polo game6
Capital of Bangladesh5
famous word attributed to Archimedes6
Author of 'The Metamorphosis' (two words)10
Russian composer (1804-1857)6
Maori ceremonial war dance4
Donald Trump's daughter6
Contestant in a judo match6
New Zealand parrot or Brazilian footballer4
Capital of Zambia6
Former unit of money in Finland6
Its state capital is Lincoln8
Third largest city in Japan5
Spice with a deep orange-red color7
One hundredth of a lek (Albania)8
_____billy (1950s U.S. music style)5
Adopted emblem of the German Nazi party8
Russian vehicle pulled by three horses6
Gibbon of the family Hylobatidae5
Distilled spirit, originally made in Russia5
Roald Dahl's chocolate factory owner5
Kuu ___ the Nimble (Final Fantasy VI character)4
Skullcap worn by Jews (especially at prayer)8
Turkinh for 'Intelligence'4

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