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Can you name the missing words relating to these historic July dates?

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1st (1863)Battle of __________ begins
2nd (1566)French astrologer and prophet ___________ dies
3rd (1962)_______ becomes independent after 132 years of French rule
4th (1976)Israeli commandos raid Entebbe airport in ______
5th (1946)The ______ swimsuit made its debut
6th (1957)Althea Gibson becomes the first black person to win _________
7th (1928)______ bread is sold for the first time
8th (1777)Vermont becomes the first colony to abolish _______
9th (2011)South _____ gains independence
10th (1794)Horatio Nelson loses his right ___
11th (2011)_______ completes its first orbit since its discovery in 1846
12th (1960)Etch-A- ______ goes on sale
13th (1930)First World Cup soccer competition begins in _______
14th (1789)The storming of the ________ marks the start of the French Revolution
15th (1799)The _______ Stone is found in an Egyptian village
16th (1979)Saddam Hussein becomes president of ____
17th (1955)__________ opens in Anaheim, California
18th (1976)_____ Comaneci earns the first perfect ten in Olympic gymnastics
19th (1966)Frank _______ marries Mia Farrow
20th (1969)Neil Armstrong walks on the ____
21st (1970)The _____ High Dam is opened in Egypt
22nd (1933)Wiley ____ flies solo around the world
23rd (1903)The ____ Motor Company sells its first car
24th (1911)Lost city of _____ Picchu is discovered
25th (1917)Dutch ___ Mata Hari is sentenced to death
26th (1952)Eva _____ dies in Buenos Aires aged 33
27th (1938)____ Bunny makes his screen debut
28th (1914)Archduke _________ is assassinated in Sarajevo
29th (1981)Charles, Prince of Wales marries Lady Diana _______
30th (1871)Staten Island _____ boiler explodes, killing over 85 people
31st (1498)________ arrived at the island of Trinidad

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