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Can you name the one syllable words that rhyme with icks?

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Small cuts or notches
Chocolate bar made by Mars, Inc.
Three Little Pigs material
Unsophisticated rural folk
Passes the tongue over
Fasten (something) securely
Small close-knit groups
New York basketball team
One more than five
Movies (slang)
Baby birds
Cunningly deceives or outwits
Cord on a candle
Three Little Pigs material
Used to express denial or refusal
Photographs (slang)
Brings something up by vomiting
Pierces with a sharp point
Combine or put together
Makes (one's hair) smooth
Stacks of hay, corn or straw
Brief, sharp sounds (of fingers)
Chooses (someone or something)
Strikes with the foot
Spasmodic contractions of muscles
Twists or strains one's neck
Flesh below the fingernails
Military term meaning kilometers
Marks (a sum) correct
Whittington and Van Dyke
Jagger and Hucknall
Mythological river in Hades

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