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Can you name the words contained in the letters HAT (either HA...T or H...AT)?

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Handle of a weapon or tool
Come to a stop
US Lyricist (partner of Rodgers)
Archaic form of has (present tense)
Provide with warmth
Archaic form of has (past tense)
Visit as a ghost
Shakespearean tragedy
Woman of ill repute
Natural abode
What a barber gives you
Foolish person or idiot
Large seafish (Hippoglossus vulgaris)
Detective novellist Dashiell
Telephone mouthpiece and earpiece
Place frequented for socializing
French bean variety
Angelic musician
Gather the crops
Short handled ax
Hag; fierce-tempered woman
Wheeled vehicle pushed by a person
Cognomen/nickname of King Harold I
Nutella ingredient
Complete cardiac cycle
Edible equine flesh
Floating dwelling
Skill requiring manual occupation
Torment by persistent attacks
Vigorously contested

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