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Can you name the words contained in the letters BIN (either BI...N or B...IN)?

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****-marie: hot water filled container
Radiating stick of a fan
Dwalin's dwarven brother
Vessel used for washing
Israeli statesman, founder of Likud
African Country
47th Vice President of the USA
American buffalo
Organ enclosed within the skull
Literary name for a bear
Capital of Germany
Two-horned hat
Like fingernails at a football game
Winder for thread or tape
Military scientist or technician
Persian Gulf country
Advantageous purchase
Arab nomadic tribeman
Custer battle or type of sheep
One thousand million (US)
Alcatraz inhabitant
Wading bird of the heron family
Asphalt: Sticky, black substance
Tuna, highly prized for sushi
Prince Igor composer
Highest of the four Hindu varnas
England,Scotland,Wales and N.Ireland
Country lout
Son of Jacob and Rachel (OT)
Cross-country skiing and rifle shooting
Brief news report
West Side Story Composer
Instrument of biological warfare
Dividing into two equal parts
Petty officer on a merchant ship
Supported by two political parties

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