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Can you name the events that happened during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II?

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This ...AnswerYear
World leader: India's first PM1952
Russian world leader: dies1953
Senator: investigates communism1954
US President: suffers heart attack1955
Country: seizes Suez Canal1956
Space dog: travels in Sputnik 21957
Golfing legend: wins the Masters 1958
Revolutionary: triumphs in Cuba1959
City: hosts the Olympics1960
Oil organization: constituted1961
Danish physicist: dies1962
Assassin: assassinated1963
Country: attacks Cyprus1964
James Bond movie: released1965
Book: by Mao Tse-Tung published1966
Beatles album: released1967
Stanley Kubrick movie: released1968
Woman: becomes Israel's PM1969
Dam: completed in Egypt1970
Ugandan: seizes power1971
Scandal: begins in Washington1972
Building: becomes world's tallest1973
Ethiopia Emperor: deposed 1974
Regime: takes over Cambodia1975
US President: elected1976
Director: releases Star Wars1977
Company: introduces the Walkman1978
Country: renames itself Zimbabwe1979
Canadian: begins his Marathon of Hope1980
Reggae singer: dies1981
Michael Jackson album: released1982
Island: invaded by the US1983
This ...AnswerYear
Bishop: wins the Nobel Peace Prize1984
Famous wreck: located1985
Shuttle: breaks up soon after lift-off1986
Matt Groening family: first appears1987
Woman: elected Pakistan's PM1988
City: dismantles its wall1989
General: surrenders in Panama1990
Disaster: spills oil in Alaska1991
Former country: splits in two1992
Treaty: formally establishes the EU1993
Nirvana singer: dies1994
Israeli PM: slain at peace rally1995
U.N. Secretary-General: elected1996
Sheep: successfully cloned1997
Chilean dictator: arrested in London1998
President: acquitted of impeachment1999
Plane: crashes in Paris killing 1132000
Company: introduces the Ipod2001
Country: gains independence2002
President: captured in Tikrit2003
Afghanistan president: inaugurated2004
UK PM: elected for third term2005
Country : hosts the FIFA world cup2006
Italian operatic tenor: dies2007
Athlete: runs 100m in 9.69 seconds2008
Company : reveals 787 Dreamliner2009
City: hosts Winter Olympics2010
Country: gains independence2011
Munch artwork: sells for $120 million2012
Pope: resigns2013
Country: removes Yanukovych from office2014
Monarch: celebrates longest UK reign2015

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