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QUIZ: Can you name the five letter words that end in 'i'?

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Musical term meaning 'very'A
Thumper's friendB
Mammal of the raccoon familyC
Loincloth worn by HindusD
Listlessness and dissatisfactionE
Spore-producing organismsF
Spanish Catalan architectG
The capital of VietnamH
Citizen of BaghdadI
Supernatural Muslim spiritJ*
Cloth, used in making uniformsK
Island of central HawaiiL
Civilian clothes worn by militaryM
Ruth's mother-in-law (OT)N
Large rain forest mammalO
Brand of colaP
Having some resemblance toQ
Jewish scholar or teacherR
Japanese rice dish S
'_____ Frutti' ice creamT
Female reproductive organsU
Mucous membranes of the small intestineV
23 in Roman numeralsX
Mario's dinosaur palY
Spirit that reanimates a bodyZ*

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