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Can you name the alphabetical words that end in 'It'

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Give access or entrance to5
Robber or outlaw6
Ancient unit of length5
Finger or toe in human beings5
Deduce (a principle)6
Fleshy product of a tree5
A chess move6
Bilbo was one6
Indigenous people of northern Canada5
Roman Catholic order of priests6
Asian country6
Boundary of a specific area5
Person who does not 'fit in'6
Silly or foolish person6
Elliptical course of a celestial object5
Raised enclosed platform in a church6
Ring of iron or circle of rope5
Send (money) in payment5
Separate into parts or portions5
A distinguishing feature5
Without illumination5
Eject the contents of the stomach5
Story about an unidentitified murder8
Rapper and host of Pimp My Ride6
Yiddish remembrance of the death of a relative8
Unit of information equal to 1024 exbibits5

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